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Facebook Is Bleeding

We’ll repeat the title for fun; facebook is bleeding. They are losing users by the millions since the beginning of 2013. Is this the Roman empire of the internet collapsing or is it a mighty giant tripping, scraping it’s knee and looking to put a band-aid on it before it becomes infected? Well, the millions of users lost should be concerning to any company of note because it means that they obviously did something or missed something big. Enough people are pissed off that a trend is starting.


Many blame privacy issues for a majority of the problems, personal information being thrown about by Zuckerberg and his team to advertising companies with seemingly no regard for their users safety. That was a big deal and it certainly hurt facebook but that doesn’t seem to be the  biggest issue. There have been privacy issues since Facebook was conceived, it’s pretty much synonymous with social media websites, if you want to participate, you can’t really avoid an ever lingering risk. No, many experts have been saying that Facebook’s real problem is that it isn’t cool anymore.


How cool Facebook was to begin with is obviously up for very pompous, misinformed and convoluted debate. However, it can’t be denied that at some point in it’s lifespan, facebook became the thing that you had to have or you were seemingly off the map, very private and not cool. “Not cool” obviously being the viewpoint of a younger skewing crowd; high school and college kids.

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Now it is becoming popular opinion among that very young, inexplicably influential sect of the population that Facebook just doesn’t speak to them anymore. They may not be wrong, in the past few years, Facebook has been a haven for businesses to communicate and obtain free, easy advertising. On top of that, newsfeeds have become filled with endless re-postings of the same jokes over and over. The same memes, the same television quotes, everybody commenting on the same news events. It really is almost as if the adults took the kids’ toy away from them and made it more serious than the kids wanted it to be. Now the kids are on to new toys as is the nature of young people. Instagram, twitter, and less social media  is all becoming more appealing than logging into a website that just seems to bore, advertise and get people in trouble for speaking their offensive minds.


Some more disturbing numbers Facebook is facing is the 500,000 downloads of their new smartphone interface in it’s debut week. 500,000 isn’t the scary number, it’s the 2/5 stars that the infant interface has been rated in the Android store. Complaints of an invasive home feed have plagued Facebook’s first attempt at diving into the smartphone market. The lack of ability to choose to go to Facebook on their own seems to irk a majority of the people who tried it. So that 500,000 downloads number shouldn’t encourage Facebook or anyone invested in it because that number doesn’t count the amount of times that it was deleted in the same week.


The media giant better get it’s act together soon or Mark Zuckerberg might be looking at an end similar to Caesar’s.


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